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How many Lavender Plants are Needed to Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes bites are very dangerous as they can transfer some deadly diseases in your body. To avoid all these things there are mosquito repellents available which help you to repel mosquitoes and flies. There are more than 25 plants that repel mosquitoes and flies, and Lavender Plant is one of them.
Lavender is a beautiful plant, known for its mosquito repelling properties. Lavender have a beautiful purple flowers with a soothing scent. It is often used in the gardens for calming aroma. Lavender is not just a pretty plant, but it has so many positive qualities.
  • Lavender is a mosquito repellent, and it protects you from mosquito bites.
  • Lavender can help you to relax and sleep better.
  • lavender is also known for reducing anxiety and stress.
  • In aromatherapy, Lavender is used to promote relaxation.
But for now we will be discussing about does lavender repel mosquitoes and how many lavender plants are needed to repel mosquitoes.

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How many Lavender plants to keep Mosquitoes Away

Lavender repels mosquitoes, but how many Lavender plants are needed to repel mosquitoes. The answer is super simple, it depends on the area and the number of mosquitoes.

First you have to find out how much space you want to cover. Based on that we can figure out how many plants you will be needing to plant. But for your idea we have shared the number of plants based on small, medium and large sized gardens.

  • If it is a tiny patio or small garden, then 5 to 7 plants are okay to go with.
  • For medium-sized gardens try to plant 10 to 15 Lavender Plants.
  • For Big yard or a lot of outdoor space, you can plant 20 to 25 Plants to repel mosquitoes.
Remember one thing try to plant lavender in those areas where you go most of the time so that it can protect you in that areas. By the way along with Mosquito repelling properties Lavender plant will add a beauty factor also with fragrance for free.
As you know Lavender repels mosquitoes but How much lavender do I need to repel mosquitoes. Well it’s depends on the area 5 to 7 plants for small garden and upto 25 plants for Large areas.
There are multiple lavender types avaliable but amond them only 3 are the best lavener plant for msoquitoes. You can plant English, French or Spanish lavender for mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes hate more than 25 plants that repels mosquitoes, But among them Lavender is considered amongst the best plant that msoquito hate the msot.
When mosquitoes smell lavender, the scents coming from Lavender repels mosquitoes back. The Lavender contains strong fragrance of oils like Linalool and Linalyl acetate which repel mosquitoes.
You can use Lavender in two ways to get rid of msoquitoes. You can plant the Lavender in your garden, or pot or you can use Lavender essential oil and applying it on skin or usign diffuser will help you in repelling mosquitoes.

Best Lavender Plant for Mosquito Repellent

There are number of different types of lavender plants, which are known for mosquito repelling properties. Among them we have selected the 3 best Lavender plant for mosquito repellent, which you can plant in your garden or pot.

  • English lavender
  • Spanish lavender
  • French Lavender
All these Lavenders are known for their high fragrance, which actually repel mosquitoes. Moreover you can use Lavender Essential Oil as a mosquito repellent, If you don’t want to grow a Plant from seed or cutting.


Lavender is a plant which is known for its mosquito repellent properties, but how many Lavender plants are needed to repel mosquitoes. Actually it depends on area, the small size garden (5 to 7 plants), for Medium (10 – 15 plants), and for Large areas (20 – 25 plant) are good to go with. Further try to choose the best Lavender plant for mosquito repellent like English, French and Spanish lavender.